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Leading restaurants are driving traffic – and whetting appetites – with Feast Week on the Fetch app

By Cass Balzer

March 1, 2023

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Fetch, America’s #1 rewards app and engagement platform, is driving consumers to restaurants like McAlister’s Deli, Burger King, Wendy’s®, T.G.I. Friday’s, Schlotzsky’s® and more with a specialized, in-app Feast Week campaign. Replete with offers, celebrations and communications for customers looking for a reason to eat out, this allows the Fetch app to showcase one of our most-valued verticals. 

The annual Fetch Feast Week in-app event spotlights partner restaurants to drive sales, support menu item discovery and increase check size per visit. These offers award points to shoppers when they hit certain spend thresholds, encouraging customers to stop in, try something new and add an extra item to their order. 

By highlighting restaurant partners within the app alongside custom animations, graphics, sweepstakes and more, consumers on Fetch have more of a reason to visit a partner restaurant in February and March.

Three diners sit at a table enjoying food and smiling at one another

While Feast Week serves targeted rewards during a specific period, restaurants can benefit from working with the Fetch app all 365 days of the year. 

Restaurants – whether franchised, independently owned or local – have sales objectives distinct from industries like CPG and retail. When restaurants partner with the Fetch app, they often want to:

  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Increase same-store sales
  • Target designated market areas (DMAs)
  • Drive loyalty
  • Capture both credit data and cash transactions
  • Increase check size
  • Drive trips
  • Drive awareness and purchasing for new menu items

Restaurants already working with Fetch have been able to accomplish all of the above – and more. From new customer engagement to increasing visitor spend and customer acquisition, the Fetch app helps restaurants achieve and maintain their goals.

The Fetch platform is unique in that it brings diners from restaurant and item discovery to snapping their purchase receipt – all within the app. By capturing a 360-degree view of shopper purchase behavior, partner restaurants can target consumers who are most likely to convert – whether that means stopping in for the first time, spending more on their next meal or trying a new menu item. 

Connecting restaurants to consumers allows brands to understand habits and preferences – which translates to personalized offers. Brands looking to get ahead are turning to the Fetch app, the most powerful customer-engagement platform on the market, to drive verified incremental results. Get in touch with Fetch for Business today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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