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Famous Amos becomes the go-to back-to-school treat with Fetch

By Cass Balzer

August 2, 2023

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With back-to-school shopping season on the horizon, brands are ramping up efforts to secure a spot in customers’ carts. And while traditional marketing campaigns can move the needle during this high-competition period, Famous Amos has something other snack cookies don’t: offers on the Fetch app.

This brand knows that back-to-school shopping is a fun, but hectic, time for families. But with Fetch at shoppers’ fingertips, Famous Amos can make the season rewarding for consumers – all while improving core business objectives. With Fetch, Famous Amos can become the back-to-school treat of choice – whether for kindergarteners, high school freshmen or college seniors.

Famous Amos Brand Snap

Famous Amos worked with Fetch to  craft purchase-based offers tailored to discrete audience segments. The brand came to the platform wanting to drive volume, bring new shoppers into the brand and introduce consumers to the category. With Fetch, Famous Amos can provide precisely the right incentive – varied amounts of Fetch points – to drive shoppers into each desired purchase behavior. 

Picture it: A dad is compiling the family grocery list before heading out for the weekly errand. He’s scrolling through Fetch to see what offers look interesting, and he stumbles upon Famous Amos. He usually buys a different cookie brand for his kids’ lunchboxes, but with Fetch points tied to this purchase, he’s more than willing to make the switch. 

Activating on the Fetch platform helps Famous Amos cookies find their way into countless lunch boxes, backpacks and dorm rooms. And, with verified purchase attribution thanks to the app’s billions of snapped receipts, the brand can feel confident that their campaign is making an impact.

Ready for your brand to become the go-to back-to-school treat? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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