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Drive more visits to your restaurant with the Fetch App

By Team Fetch

April 27, 2023

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The Challenge: With inflation taking a bigger bite out of consumers’ wallets, diners are making fewer stops at their favorite quick-service restaurants – and it’s affecting QSR bottom lines.

The Solution: The Fetch app helps restaurants drive customers through your door with relevant and personalized rewards at scale.

Quick-service restaurants will always have a place in America’s on-the-go culture. But with inflation taking a bigger bite out of wallets, customers are making fewer stops to grab a meal. Across the country, trip frequency is down as competition heats up among QSRs looking to capture the remaining wallet share. 

Thriving QSRs grow brand loyalty and drive more trips by engaging authentically with existing customers. These brands choose the Fetch app, the leading omnichannel performance marketing platform, to reward loyal customers and increase share of wallet. 

Millions of Americans open the Fetch app every day to decide what to buy and where to eat. With personalized restaurant offers in the app, finding a place to satisfy cravings is a piece of cake. Fetch families snap receipts with the app wherever they shop or dine, earning rewards for eating at favorite restaurants, trying somewhere new or sampling a menu item.

With the Fetch platform, QSRs can deliver personalized rewards at scale, helping to increase trip frequency when it matters most.

Strategies to inspire customer loyalty

When trip frequency falters, restaurants often look to the customer experience to learn what’s keeping diners away. They focus on improving speed, providing better service, implementing convenience technology and delivering higher food quality. While essential, these alone don’t guarantee more trips—especially when customers are increasingly sensitive to higher menu prices

Some QSRs turn to discounts to bring diners in the door—but a race to the bottom can threaten profitability and encourage switching. 

Even traditional loyalty apps have limits. While they connect restaurants with their most devoted diners, they fail to understand how that customer is spending elsewhere – whether at other restaurants, at stores or online. 

That’s where the Fetch app’s 360-degree view of customer spending can help.

The Fetch method

Instead of offering discounts that damage brand equity, Fetch rewards diners with points, Fetch’s in-app currency that can be exchanged for popular gift cards. Fetch targets designated market areas with personalized offers designed to drive repeat visits, increase check size and boost purchases for new menu items.

This precise offer targeting is possible thanks to the app’s massive active user base. With access to item-level data from more than two billion receipts each year, Fetch uses its zero-party purchase data to serve up powerful offers at the perfect time, driving diners into restaurants and new menu items onto tabs.

Here’s how it works.

How top QSRs drive repeat trips with Fetch 

Step 1: Target a precise audience

Fetch analyzes item-level receipt data from millions of customers to identify those who are most likely to redeem a restaurant’s offer—targeting new, lapsed and competitive diners and switchers. 

Specific campaign objectives—such as “drive frequency of breakfast visits” or “steal from main chicken sandwich competitors”—further hone the audience.

The result: a precisely targeted audience hungry for your offer.

Step 2: Craft the perfect offer 

Offers are in-app incentives that reward Fetch users with points when they buy menu items or meet spend and visit thresholds. The best offers create a win-win scenario: incentivizing items Fetch consumers want while providing brands with the best incremental returns. 

Working with our partners, Fetch uses receipt data to craft objective-driven, pay-for-performance offers. Some examples include:

Progress Bar Offers

Customers earn Fetch points for visiting your restaurant often. 

These offers focus on driving trip frequency. Using historical receipt data, Fetch learns what each customer spends at your restaurant and your competitors. Then, Fetch delivers personalized offers designed to drive repeat visits and incremental sales over a defined period of time.

Use this offer type to:

  • Increase trip frequency
  • Drive incremental sales and incremental visits
  • Steal share of wallet from competitors
Mooyah progress bar in the Fetch app Spend Threshold Offers

Customers earn points after they spend a certain amount on each dining trip with your brand. 

Fetch uses historical data and average check size to encourage each audience segment to spend more on each trip – or to spend the right amount on their first trip. 

Use this offer type to:

  • Acquire net-new households
  • Drive incremental sales and average order value
  • Steal share of wallet from competitors

Wendy's offer tile

Step 3: Amplify the offer with Fetch Media

Leveraging the strong signal from our zero-party receipt data, Fetch sends relevant, personalized communications to your ideal audience. Our emails, in-app carousel banners, mobile inbox messages, push notifications and social media all guide consumers from product discovery to verified purchase. 

With 71% of active app users engaging with these full-funnel communications, Fetch Media improves offer redemptions.

Feast Week in Fetch

Step 4: Optimize in real time

Fetch monitors campaigns daily, tracking benchmarks and recommending ways to optimize return on ad spend and other key metrics. Our agile, transparent approach helps restaurants act on up-to-the-minute insights to adjust offer types, thresholds and Fetch marketing communications.

Drive trip frequency and Verified Incremental results

Recently, Popeye’s, Burger King and Wendy’s came to Fetch to drive trip frequency, introduce new menu items and drive daypart purchases. 

By targeting a precise audience with objective-driven offers, these QSR brands increased trip frequency and average order value, acquired net-new households and increased share of wallet. Fetch also tracked and optimized offer performance in real-time. The result: proven incrementality as determined by randomized holdouts and SKU-level data from verified receipts. 

Bring more diners to your restaurant with crave-able, personalized offers on the Fetch app—with verifiable, incremental results. Contact the Fetch for Business team to get started today.

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