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Fetch at Commerceweek: Driving retail relationships while solving commerce challenges

By Cass Balzer

July 19, 2023

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In an increasingly digital world, retailers face a unique challenge: Navigating signal loss while continuing to provide convenience, value and an excellent experience. 

Last week, Fetch CRO, Robin Wheeler, joined UM Worldwide Head of U.S. Commerce, Amie Owen, at Adweek Commerceweek 2023. The panel, moderated by Adweek Managing Editor, Jameson Fleming, revolved around pain points the commerce industry is facing, as well as the ways in which Fetch has helped retailers maintain signal while driving brand loyalty – all with a simple, easy-to-use app. 

“When we are talking to retailers, they’re actually asking us if we’re investing in Fetch. They want to see the full picture, and they’re seeing returns,” said Owen.

Fetch offers a solution for retailers wanting to maximize the shopper experience. Here’s how brands can leverage the power of a consumer engagement platform to drive results – and build retail relationships. 

How Fetch supports retail brands

Amidst tightening wallets and heightened prices, it’s more important than ever to win a customer’s purchase. The Fetch app allows retailers and category managers to serve purchase-based offers to shoppers. By providing an incentive in the form of Fetch points – the platform’s currency – campaigns can shift purchase behavior, building retail loyalty and driving purchases in specific categories at certain locations or across a full retail brand.

But the Fetch app has something other marketing tools don’t: Verified attribution in the form of billions of snapped receipts.  

“Shoppers have the ability to go wherever they want from an omnichannel perspective. They may start their journey with a mobile app, they may go to a website, they may use a partner product, like an Instacart or Doordash, or they may end up going in-store,” explained Wheeler. “The ability to connect all those dots about who that consumer is is incredibly challenging.”

With compounding signal loss and fierce competition to win consumer spend, retailers need to know who their shoppers are, what they buy and where else they might be shopping. Fetch provides these brands with a 360-degree view of shopping behavior, allowing retailers to target hyper-specific segments to drive repeat purchasing, in-store traffic, competitive conquest and more.

“We can come to them and paint the full picture outside of those four walls and help drive more folks inside their stores,” said Wheeler.

Strengthening retail relationships with a shopper marketing strategy

The Fetch app can drive purchase behavior for retail, restaurant and CPG brands – often in tandem. Wheeler shared an example where a CPG brand launched a premium version of their product at a specific retailer, but sales remained stagnant. “They were worried about it being delisted, which put the relationship with the retailer at risk,” she explained. 

To support this challenge, Fetch built a campaign to drive sales for the premium product at that specific retailer – and it was extremely successful. 

Wheeler also noted that brands who partner with Fetch maintain the item’s full price at the point of sale. “Because the reward comes on the back end, retail sees the full price coming and products moving off the shelf,” Wheeler said. “We helped them with their retailer relationship, and they were able to move that product. It’s a happy world when we can all work together.”

Additionally, category and inventory managers often tap into the power of Fetch to drive sales in their specific section of a retail business. “[Fetch can] build loyalty into specific categories that might not have seen loyalty before,” explained Owen. “It’s one of those things where, when we’re in a conversation with buyers and merchants, we’re able to understand that it’s not only working for driving the return, but it’s also driving what we call the ‘return on retail relationship.’”

Robin Wheeler, Amie Owen

Make shopper marketing simple – and fun – with Fetch

The Fetch app can shift purchase behavior, build brand loyalty and increase sales – but it’s also fun and easy to use. Consumers enjoy spending time in the app, which strengthens offer redemption and brand engagement. But the app’s simplicity is also a benefit to retail partners.

“What we’re seeing with a lot of our clients is: How do we make this simple for us? How do we take a complex world and understand it, distill it, and be able to synthesize it back to people internally, to our consumers, things of that nature,” said Owen. “In working with Fetch, we are able to understand what that audience is looking for, what they’re purchasing, and actually cultivate what they’re engaging with on the app.”

Owen also highlighted the phenomenon of decision fatigue, specifically in the sought-after Gen Z and Gen Alpha demographics. “In working with partners like Fetch, there’s a one-stop shop for them to go and understand what offers are there versus going to every different retail site,” she said. 

Like what you heard at Commerceweek 2023? Is your retail brand ready to drive more shoppers into stores? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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