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Barilla launches a premium brand – and drives repeat purchasing – with the Fetch App

By Cass Balzer

April 19, 2023

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When household brands launch a premium product, they want more than a successful trial in stores and with shoppers. They need to shift purchase behavior so buyers consistently reach for their items – not the weekly discounted option.

With offers in the Fetch app, brands give shoppers a reason to do just that. 

Barilla came to Fetch to launch their new Al Bronzo pasta, a premium product line with a look, feel and taste distinct from the Blue Box pastas for which the brand is known. Barilla understood they needed to encourage repeat Al Bronzo purchasing from the outset in order to shift shopper behavior. 

The Fetch solution: Identifying and connecting with the customers most likely to convert, then serving up the offers they’re most likely to redeem.

With Fetch, Barilla incentivizes customers to consistently reach for a premium product. When a new item earns an established place on pantry shelves and kitchen tables, brands can develop authentic relationships with their customers. Cultivating that relationship during product launch – like Barilla did with the Fetch app – is essential to lifelong brand loyalty. 

Barilla's new Al Bronzo pasta launched on the Fetch app

The Fetch app helps brands deliver unique offers for users based on the products they buy and the categories they shop. Consumers can then purchase the item, snap their receipt in the app and receive Fetch points, which they can exchange for popular gift cards, sweepstakes entries, charity donations and more.

With Fetch, Barilla crafted a suite of personalized offers to encourage pasta buyers to try the new Al Bronzo products. The brand understood that premium pasta buyers needed less incentive to purchase than those who consistently buy value items. 

Fetch acted on this knowledge to create tailored offers personalized to each shopper’s verified purchase behavior. For example, known premium pasta buyers needed less of a nudge to buy Al Bronzo, so they received different offers than known value-brand pasta buyers. Designing dynamic offers allowed Barilla to provide just enough of an incentive for each target audience – and made the most effective use of the campaign’s budget. 

As a result, Barilla was able to increase incremental sales volume of a new product line and penetrate households most likely to make repeat purchases.

Ready to give your brand’s shoppers a reason to buy a new product? Contact the Fetch for Business team to learn more. 

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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