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Applegate fires up brand loyalty – and the grill – with offers on Fetch

By Cass Balzer

August 30, 2023

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Labor Day Weekend is an essential shopping period for brands competing for a spot on the grill. But as the holiday approaches, Applegate, the natural and organic meat and cheese brand, is firing up brand loyalty with the Fetch app.

By harnessing the power of personalized rewards, Applegate is setting the stage for a standout experience, serving offers for its premium products to a health-conscious audience – all while driving sales, inspiring joy and gaining an edge over the competition. 

Applegate customers care about purchasing humanely raised meats from companies with a holistic approach to sustainable farming. They come to the Fetch app to discover those brands, find high-quality products and get rewarded for their purchases.

With Fetch, Applegate can incentivize specific purchase behavior by offering Fetch points, the platform’s in-app currency. This Labor Day season, the brand is targeting distinct audience segments: people who don’t typically buy meat, and consumers who frequent meat buyers.

Applegate in the app

Applegate knows that the infrequent meat shopper will need an additional incentive to purchase their products. In order to receive Fetch points, consumers in this category have a low spend threshold. In other words: They only have to buy a package or two of Applegate’s sausage, hotdog or burger products to receive rewards.

Applegate also knows that frequent meat buyers don’t need much of a nudge to buy their products – but they likely need an incentive to spend more money. Consumers in this category have a higher spend threshold in order to receive Fetch points, encouraging them to stock up in advance of the popular grilling holiday. 

In a competitive purchase season, Applegate is igniting brand loyalty by targeting shoppers most likely to try their premium, high-quality products. Want to get your brand in more hands? Get in touch with the Fetch for Business team today. 

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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