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ADWEEK Webinar Recap: The measurement methods brands need to master

By Cass Balzer

June 12, 2024

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In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, accurate data and effective measurement aren’t just beneficial – they’re essential to success. By leveraging next-gen measurement tools, companies can gain deeper insights into their audiences, optimize marketing strategies and, ultimately, drive better outcomes. 

Last week, Fetch GM of Household Essentials Berit O’Conner and President of Data Strategy at Choreograph Brian DeCicco dove into the future of measurement in digital advertising during an ADWEEK-hosted webinar. The conversation highlighted the vital roles data quality and consumer experience play in successful marketing campaigns.

A consumer-centric approach

Many marketers are stuck on “measurement autopilot,” relying on outdated metrics. “Existing structures won’t get us where we need to go,” DeCicco said. He stressed the need for a comprehensive view that integrates both faster-moving optimization metrics, like ROAS, with slower-moving KPIs, like sales.

But structuring a data strategy requires more than a robust metrics mix. O’Conner emphasized the importance of understanding – and quantifying – the consumer experience to refine measurement. Instead of relying solely on third-party behavioral data, marketers can tap into user-provided purchase data. This provides a richer, more comprehensive view of the consumers – while also rewarding them in the process. 

Fetch, America’s Rewards App, exemplifies this consumer-centric approach to data. The app’s users provide the platform with a holistic view of how they spend across all payment methods and retail channels, receiving Fetch Points for every receipt snapped. This first-party data, representing $152 billion in annual purchase behavior, enables Fetch to deliver highly personalized and effective marketing strategies. This provides brands with unparalleled insights into consumer spending habits and preferences. 

By using holistic consumer data to fuel predictive campaign models, Fetch ensures personalized and impactful advertising efforts. As campaigns progress, the platform uses verified purchase information from uploaded receipts to optimize offers in real time, demonstrating the power of accurate data in driving results. 

This approach resonates with evolving consumer expectations, especially for younger generations. O’Conner emphasized that these consumers expect more than transactions with brands; they seek relationships, often through loyalty and rewards programs. “When we look at loyalty programs and allow folks to know what brands stand for, we see that response in the consumer,” she said. 

Innovating measurement methodology

With AI-driven optimization, rich behavioral insights and a genuinely fun platform that delivers real value for consumers, Fetch is at the forefront of the measurement revolution. By continuously refining measurement methodologies, Fetch drives stronger consumer relationships with verifiable success. 

Ready to elevate your marketing strategy? Discover how Fetch can transform your approach with data-driven insights and world-class consumer engagement.

Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Senior Content Marketing Manager at Fetch.

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