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Person receiving drinks

Case Study:

Restaurant - Increasing Spend

Fetch increased household spend for three national restaurant partners as high as 94%

Business Issue

The more the merrier

Fetch partnered with three national restaurant partners that wanted to increase household and average individual trip spend for existing customers

Person receiving drinks

Fetch's Solution

Building consistent purchase engagement

Fetch and the restaurant partner delivered offers and communications to drive new customers to the restaurant, and then built consistent purchase engagement through low-cost micro offers that rewarded bonuses for any purchase at the restaurant. The first phase of the campaign focused on a high-value offer targeting new customers. Fetch then provided all users with a small bonus every time they dined at the restaurant.

Value & Results

The initial new user offer increased monthly trip frequency by 33% and increased average check size by 30%. When the high-value offer was removed, trip frequency and check size continued to grow. After the campaign ended, the partner maintained higher trip visit frequency and spend than before the campaign, despite no incentives in the app for Fetch users.


Monthly HH increase for BBQ fast casual restaurant


Monthly HH increase for Chicken QSR brand


Monthly HH increase for Café fast casual

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