Fetch Focus: Introducing Businesses to the Potential of the Fetch Platform

By Allison Geyer

June 22, 2022

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At Fetch, we’re always on a mission to connect with consumers and our brand partners. To that end, we recently launched a LinkedIn Live series we’re calling Fetch Focus. In our first-ever episode, Fetch’s Chief Customer Officer Dave Sommer sat down with Fetch Founder & CEO Wes Schroll to discuss a number of topics all centered around how the Fetch platform can be leveraged to inform business strategies with measurable outcomes.

Watch the full conversation here.

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Beginning at the Beginning

This being the inaugural episode, the conversation began with an introduction of Fetch: where it came from, and what we hope to offer to our customers and partners.

“I was always surprised at the amount of hoops I’d have to jump through if I wanted to feel like a smart shopper who was saving money,” Wes says of his early days as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “I’d have to sign up for loyalty programs, I’d have to figure out what store was having a sale on which day of the week for which items. It just seemed really backwards: why was I, the consumer, having to put in so much effort?”

It’s with this frustration with the existing rewards marketplace that Fetch was born. The goal was always to provide consumers with a simple way to be rewarded.

“I became obsessed with the idea,” Wes says. “Could we create a platform that would put the consumer at the center; that would give them this fun, engaging, and eventually social experience that allows them to share and be rewarded for the things that they’re buying on a daily basis.”

After years of perfecting the platform, the Fetch app was launched in 2017. Unsurprisingly, there was an immediate market fit for the offering. And while the benefits to consumers was clear, there were a host of additional benefits for brand partners.

The Brand Benefits of Fetch

Through conversations with multiple CPG brands in Fetch’s early days, Wes quickly came to a realization: When CPGs were talking about their “customers,” they were largely talking about the retailers that sold their products. Since CPGs largely don’t sell directly to consumers, they were always one step removed from the consumer level.

Fetch had incredible potential to offer that one-to-one relationship on the consumer level, which in turn enables them to think more holistically about the individual consumer’s value to their brand.

“It’s all the Holy Grail stuff that marketers have wanted to do since the beginning,” Dave says. “To be able to know who’s buying your product and who’s loyal and reward them with personalized offers.”

The activations that can be unlocked through Fetch’ platform can be transformational for a wide array of brands from CPGs to retailers to restaurants and beyond. And what makes it so powerful is the vast amount of active users. With such an engaged and dedicated audience, brands can leverage Fetch as a partner to drive any number of measurable business outcomes.

“Whatever your marketing objective is—because we have all this history, this 360 [degree] view of all these consumers—we can hit them with the right offers and then watch what they do when they get the point offers and see if it increases those business outcomes,” Dave says. “We’re in the business of selling business outcomes for brands and retailers and restaurants.”

Driving these business outcomes hinges on Fetch’s unique ability for brands to provide a personalized experience through the Fetch platform. Every consumer’s preferences and shopping habits are different, and the value of Fetch is seeing consumers on an individual level to help guide their purchasing decisions without having to weed through reams of unfocused offers.

When leveraged correctly, the Fetch platform benefits everyone: brands, restaurants, retailers, and consumers.

“We can create a large, awesome company and product and really be a friend to the industry as a whole,” Wes says. “That is our goal. We think we can work with anyone out there and be able to rise all tides.”

What Other Topics Were Covered in the Episode?

  • What Fetch’s latest round of funding means for the company and its objectives
  • How Fetch focuses on “tentpole events” like shopping holidays and how the concept of circular couponing is being disrupted
  • The inefficiencies of promotions and discounting without personalization
  • The vital role focusing on customer experience plays at Fetch
  • How retailers and restaurants can uniquely benefit from partnering with Fetch
  • The future of Fetch in the ratings and reviews space
  • The University of Wisconsin versus the University of Michigan

Watch the full episode here

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Allison Geyer

Allison, Director of Corporate Communications, is a contributor to the Fetch Blog.

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