With the Fetch app, Bai goes all-in on Walmart

By Cass Balzer

May 31, 2023

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This Memorial Day Weekend, Bai set their sights on enticing new buyers and increasing sales volume. But to maximize their campaign, the brand decided to funnel efforts into moving units at a single retailer: Walmart.

With targeted offers on the Fetch app, Bai can effectively and precisely drive sales – all while maximizing their verified incremental return and campaign efficiency. Bai knew they wanted to drive sales at Walmart, but only Fetch could provide the precise targeting they needed. 

Here’s how it works: A shopper is checking their Fetch app before visiting Walmart to stock up on provisions for Memorial Day Weekend. They see that Bai is rewarding Fetch points, the platform’s in-app currency, when customers purchase a 6-pack of their antioxidant-infused water at Walmart stores. This shopper has never purchased Bai before, but with Fetch points in play, they know it’s the perfect drink to share with friends and family at the backyard barbeque.

Bai in the Fetch app

The Fetch app’s unprecedented sightline into billions of dollars of verified purchasing data allows Bai to create intelligent audience segments. With Fetch, Bai targeted new category buyers with dynamic offers that could only be redeemed at Walmart. These unique offers maximize brand visibility for Walmart shoppers, driving sales volume at the retail chain. 

Fetch’s dynamic offers enable Bai to engage shoppers as unique individuals, providing them with tailored incentives that cater to their specific wants and needs.

In addition to utilizing Fetch offers, Bai tapped into Fetch Media to drive awareness of their in-app campaign. Fetch Media leverages purchase-based communications to target a brand’s most likely buyers. With options for in-app carousels, push message notifications, mobile inbox messages, email takeovers and more, Fetch advertising solutions can exponentially increase offer impressions, redemptions and activations. For this campaign, Bai appeared in an in-app carousel that featured Memorial Day Weekend offerings.

Bai is revolutionizing the way brands target and drive volume with specific audiences. Does your brand want to be at the cutting edge of performance marketing? Get in touch with Fetch for Business to join the 600+ brands revolutionizing consumer engagement with the Fetch app.


Cass Balzer

Cass Balzer is a Content Marketing Manager at Fetch. As a former journalist, she sees narrative structure as a powerful tool for both understanding consumer behavior and driving conversions.

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