Activating Brands and Driving Results at Fetch Shoppers’ Favorite Retailer

By Allison Geyer

June 8, 2022

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When Sam Walton opened Walton’s 5&10 in 1950, he believed that he could beat out other retailers by offering lower prices. His competitors expected him to fail, but instead, he disrupted the entire industry. Today, Walmart has more than 5,000 stores and clubs nationwide and sits atop the Fortune 500. Amazon is currently battling it out with Walmart for the title of world’s largest retailer, but in the Fetch universe, Walmart reigns supreme. 

By the numbers

Walmart is the No. 1 store among Fetch shoppers, with 68% of app users snapping a Walmart receipt within the last 12 months, according to internal data. And what’s more, Fetch delivered $1.6 million in rewards points to these Walmart shoppers.

Fetch shoppers LOVE snapping receipts. On average, individuals submit 25 receipts per month, and cumulatively, Fetch shoppers have snapped more than 2 billion receipts to date. And it’s no surprise that Walmart receipts make up a big portion of these submissions. In 2021, Fetch shoppers snapped more than 150 million Walmart receipts – that works out to about 420K per day, or 17.7K per hour. 

With 14 million app users snapping receipts every day, Fetch captures an incredible amount of purchase data – more than $100 billion each year, in fact. That makes Fetch equivalent to the nation’s seventh-largest retailer. In 2021, Fetch captured $8.6 billion in Walmart sales.

Driving results with Fetch

Sam Walton had a winning strategy — control expenses better than the competition, keep prices low to attract customers (and build loyalty), earn higher profits through greater sales volume. He called this approach EDLP, or Everyday Low Pricing. Decades later, these principles still apply. But as the consumer landscape has evolved and new technologies have emerged, brands and retailers are facing new challenges — and exciting new opportunities.

Partnering with Fetch is another winning strategy that provides significant competitive advantage for brands and retailers. Fetch offers consumer brands the opportunity to maintain their pricing strategy, while still providing the shopper value through rewards, which is especially important during this difficult economic time. Powered by rich, first-party purchase data — collected in real time from more than 14 million highly engaged shoppers — Fetch drives activations that deliver measurable impact. And best of all, because Fetch works with any retailer, activations can be further targeted based on where consumers shop.

Recent Walmart-specific activations have yielded fantastic results for Fetch partner brands.

For example, a partner in the snack bar category wanted to increase the number of households purchasing their product at Walmart. They also wanted to boost sales velocity and increase their product’s share in the category. Over a five-month period, Fetch delivered a 13% growth in sales and a 15-point share of category growth.

A similar activation for a brand in the spreads category was aimed at driving velocity and new-user growth at Walmart. Fetch drove a 93% incremental sales lift while delivering a positive ROI, and the promotion led to a 149% increase in brand buyers at Walmart.

And finally, a Fetch partner in the frozen dessert category wanted to drive portfolio sales at Walmart and increase share in key markets. Fetch deployed a “progress bar” offer that rewarded shoppers for making purchases over multiple trips. The tactic moved over 500K units in less than 8 weeks, delivered more than $2 million in sales, and brought 10K new shoppers into the category, using real-time sales analysis to optimize the campaign and drive even more volume.

Infographic showing three blinded brand activations that Fetch Rewards ran for partners that wanted to increase sales and category share at Walmart


Here are a few examples of how Fetch can activate brands at Walmart and beyond:

  • Competitive Conquest: Engage and convert customers who recently purchased competitive items
  • New-Buyer Engagement: Target lapsed, adjacent, or new shoppers to purchase product and drive traffic to category
  • Drive Omni-Shopping: Reward shoppers who have purchased a brand at a specific retailer with higher incentives for using additional retailer channels
  • Basket Build: Incentivize shoppers who have purchased a brand with offers on 2+ items on their next visit(s)
  • New Product Trial: Deliver targeted incentives on new items based on past brand/category purchase behavior
  • Digital Sampling: Promote new or exclusive items with unique opportunities to earn 100% of purchase price back in rewards points

For more information on how Fetch works with brands to drive real results, visit our partner website.

Allison Geyer

Allison, Director of Corporate Communications, is a contributor to the Fetch Blog.

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