Over 10 Million Active Users

By Wes Schroll

September 14, 2021

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9 years ago I started Fetch. Today we broke 10 MILLION monthly active users as measured by App Annie. Those two statements are incredible to me. 9 years of working beside a remarkable team, to deliver a transformational platform that 10 million people now use to connect with and get rewarded from the brands they love. Wow.

We have so much ahead of us that we believe we can and will achieve. Millions more households will join in on the fun, and thousands more brands will create connections with those households to build stronger businesses.

Thanks to all who have helped thus far in the journey – and for those who haven’t jumped on board yet, there’s no time like now! Come join us on the march to 20 million!

Wes Schroll

Wes Schroll is the CEO & Founder at Fetch Rewards, and a serial entrepreneur, fundamentally rebuilding consumer-brand relationships to drive two-way value.

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